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Breakfast Vacation at Pastis


leisurely breakfast
Most mornings, my breakfast consists of a cup of coffee and a Luna bar eaten absentmindedly at my desk while checking email. Long leisurely breakfasts (with multiple coffee refills) always feel really refreshing and indulgent—like going on a mini vacation 🙂 The other week, my friend Roy and I had a really great breakfast vacation at Pastis, a French bistro in Palo Alto. 
breakfast croissant
The incredibly cool French owner stopped by our table to chat with us. It felt like we were hanging out in his kitchen. In France, he said, everyone dips their croissants in their coffee.
pastis french bistro
breakfast in palo alto
After our croissant course (which I wish I could have every morning), we split the bread pudding French toast and the Eggs Benedict. Everything was so good. I was stuffed! I’m already eyeing their dinner menu for my next visit—the mussels with fries are calling my name.   
bistro chairs
Do you make time for a real, sit-down breakfast every day? Or do you eat on-the-go, too? I hope you’ll have a good breakfast vacation soon. 

Last modified: January 10, 2019