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How Do You Feel About Getting Older?


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I always forget that I’m turning 30 this year because most of the time I still feel like I’m 22. I also tend to think everyone around me is my age, but mounting evidence is beginning to prove otherwise…
  • My newfound friend at karaoke told me not to feel bad I didn’t know what song was playing because it was “probably from the early 80s, before we were born.”
  • I just learned about the Harlem Shake two weeks ago. My sister informed me I’m the last person on earth to find out about it. 
  • When I meet recent grads from UCLA and ask which dorm they lived in, they say things like, “I don’t think it was built yet when you were there.” 

I’m officially turning into a dinosaur, ha! I love getting older.
How do you feel about it? Does getting older freak you out? I’m glad I’m not there yet. 

Last modified: January 10, 2019