Monday, April 15, 2013

Love It or Hate It: Surprises

top knot
How do you feel about surprises? Last week my sister invited me over to her place for a surprise. She wouldn't give me any clues and told me she didn't spend any money. The suspense just about killed me. At first, I thought she planned to cook me dinner. But when I arrived she was just hanging out and snacking on hummus. My surprise, she told me, wasn't being delivered for a couple hours.

While we waited, she made us breakfast burritos and kept getting interrupted by phone calls from the delivery person. The idea of a delivery person made me think she was giving me flowers, but I remembered she didn't spend any money. As the night went on, I got more and more anxious. Finally, the "delivery man" called and said the package was ready, but we'd have to walk to the end of the block to meet him. I followed her down the street, dying the entire time. What could it be??! 

We walked to the end of the street into a dark parking lot. I saw someone walking towards us when I realized... it was my mom! She had driven down from Portland with my dad for a surprise visit. I was floored—I haven't seen them since Christmas!

Surprises can be so much fun, don't you think? Here are some of my favorite ideas if you'd like to surprise someone soon. :)

cookie break kit
1. A cookie-break kit—Leave it on your friend's desk (complete with homemade cookies, a carton of milk and pretty straws) for a sweet afternoon snack.

surprise balloons
2. Balloon wake-up call—Fill a room with balloons after your sister falls asleep so she wakes up to balloons everywhere. (I love ideas involving balloons!)

snail mail: pretty stationery
3. Send snail mail—In a world full of e-cards and emails, simple, hand-written letters are still one of my favorite surprises to give and receive.

purple flowers
4. Send flowers—Doesn't everybody love a bouquet of bright blooms? In my opinion, getting flowers when you're least expecting it is so much better than getting them for a special occasion.

(Top image via A Well Traveled Woman)


Briel said...

I love surprises! That is such a sweet surprise that your family had for you. :) One time my parents surprised me by showing up at Disneyland on my birthday while I was there with my sister and a friend. My friend was in on it but my sister didn't know either. I cried. haha I've always wanted a surprise party but it hasn't happened as of yet! :)

Sobrina Tung said...

awww, that's so cute! I love that you cried :)

Sobrina Tung said...

that sounded kinda creepy, but you know what i mean! haha

Liga said...

i like good surprises normally, but only if i'm not too tired or in a bad mood (makes sense, no?) :) but this absolutely sounds like a very good surprises, no doubts about it! and if i'm the person making a surprise for someone, then i can get extremely excited :))
have a good day today!

Sophie Tung said...

Gosh that was the hardest thing to keep going!! I totally thought you would catch on. Watching your reaction was the BEST :)

embrycarter said...

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