Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Shower Picnic

baby shower picnic
I helped throw a baby shower for my friends Stacy and Rob this weekend at an open, grassy park. Guests lounged on blankets and enjoyed their root beer floats in the shade. For decorations, we hung paper pom poms from the trees and had a bunch of oversized balloons everywhere with frilly tails. My favorite part, though, was the teepee! (We followed these easy DIY teepee instructions.) It looked so cute as part of the decor and was also fun to give them as a gift for their baby. 

jumbo balloons
Isn't Stacy the cutest pregnant woman? 

DIY teepee
The teepee was a big hit. All the kids tried to squeeze in all at once. It was so cute.

painted letters
Painted letters for the baby's initials (they're naming him Charlie Roy :).

spray-painted mason jars
Spray-painted mason jars for flowers.

striped straws and mason jars
We stuck flags on the straws and asked people to write their names on them so they could tell their cups apart. 

handsome men holding babies
Alan and our new baby Oliver. (haha, just kidding, Ali!) 

twins at the park
Thanks for reading. Hope you had a lovely weekend and Mother's Day! 


Rachel said...

That's awesome! More baby showers should be like this!

Ali said...

hahah! i do love that you guys love him:) we can work out a joint custody later.

Enjoy grace! said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Super cute decorations!

Baby Gifts said...

funny love the decorations.

Wenni Donna said...

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