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My CupsCo Diary: 7 Days, 0 Single-Use Cups


picnic cups

CupsCo is a Berkeley company that makes retainable, high-quality stainless steel cups (and is co-founded by my friend Jon). Their mission is to minimize waste created by single-use cups often used at parties, festivals and backyard BBQs. They challenged me to not use any single-use cups for an entire week. Here’s my journal of how it went…

Saturday: Walked to the neighborhood park to have a picnic. Packing the cups was a cinch since I didn’t have to worry about any glasses breaking.

Sunday: Spent most of the day blogging. And eating peanut butter mochi from San Jose Japantown (amazing). My cup made for pretty sleek company.

Monday: Brought my cup into work and people definitely took notice. Drinking out of a real cup felt nice since I’m so used to using paper ones.

Tuesday: While getting my lunch in the kitchen, I almost grabbed a paper cup for water out of habit. Luckily, I caught myself just in time.

standing desk

Wednesday: I got a standing desk! It has an elevated writing surface so I can keep my water cup, fruit bowl and notebook close.

Thursday: I love filling my cup at the water cooler. When I see people there before me, I’ll say, “Way to stay hydrated” and give an encouraging nod. The reactions I get are so funny.

Friday: What a hot day! I worked from home in a sleeveless dress. My koozie conveniently matched 🙂

Using only retainable cups for a week was way do-able. I didn’t even miss the paper ones! It also gave me a sense of accomplishment realizing how many single-use cups I wasn’t putting in the trash every day.

What do you normally drink out of during the week? Would this be a hard challenge for you or an easy one? 

p.s. check out their stainless beer pong sets—what a bro gift!

Last modified: January 10, 2019