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Big News!


This morning, I’m so excited to share some happy news…

Alan and I are engaged!

We went out to dinner over the weekend at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. The whole way there I was torn over what to order (either the mac and cheese with an order of brussels sprouts or their famous juicy burger). After we parked the car, Alan interrupted my ordering-angst and asked if I wanted to go on a short walk. He had so many sweet things to say I started to cry. Then he got down on one knee (it felt like a movie!) and popped the question. I said yes πŸ™‚ So it’s official!

One of the most fun parts of being engaged is telling people. Everyone always shrieks, gives me a hug and then grabs my left hand, haha.

champagne diamond ring

My ring is rose gold with a champagne diamondβ€”I love its celebratory color!

We shared the news with my family yesterday. And there was 20 minutes of ring examining πŸ˜›

The rest of the day, we ate tacos, swam in the pool and got ready to tell more people. It was a perfect weekend!

Last modified: January 10, 2019