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Birthday Bootcamp


Last weekend, I helped plan a birthday surprise for my cousin Nathalie. She’s really into fitness and is prepping for an upcoming fitness show(!) Fitness competitors have intense diets and exercise plans, so we nixed the typical cake, drinks and heavy foods and threw her a birthday bootcamp! Here are some pictures from the day if you’d like to see…

We got these t-shirts made for everyone to wear. On the bottom, they say “I survived Nathalie’s birthday bootcamp.”
The bootcamp was a sweet 4-mile hike. It was really hot out so we decided to skip the actual bootcamp part, but I don’t think anyone minded too much 🙂 At the end, we had a little picnic with grilled asparagus, fruits and nuts. I love the idea of hiking with friends on my birthday!

Would bootcamp be the last thing you’d want to do on your birthday or does it sound like fun? 

Last modified: January 10, 2019