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Do You Have Bad Eating Habits?


garlic fries

You know when you’re at a restaurant and they give you a choice between a side of fries or a side salad? I wish I was the person who picked the salad, but the hard truth is you could get me to go anywhere if you said there would be fries there (or potato chips… or fries and potato chips!) My sister’s trying to get me to at least switch to sweet potato fries. But real fries are so much better! (It’s a serious addiction). Anyway, it reminded me of the Anna Kendrick interview where she talks about her hilarious Taco Bell obsession.

“I love Taco Bell. It’s like a kind of secret; it’s like a dirty thing that I love Taco Bell so much. Like I cannot, I cannot, eat Taco Bell before midnight. It’s like a reverse gremlins thing. It’s just so filthy that I can’t do it. It’s like it has to be under cover of darkness, like in my car. It is a shameful thing. But it’s so good…” —Anna Kendrick

Have you seen it? Isn’t she the cutest? The Taco Bell part starts at about 2:10 below.

What are your guilty pleasures? Have you broken any bad eating habits? I’m working on mine! 

Last modified: January 10, 2019