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Going Vegan (For A Lunch)


veggie grill thai chickin'
going vegan for lunch

In college, I gave up meat for a week “to see if I could do it” and ended up eating vegetarian for five years. I love eating everything now, but I still get a huge kick out of creative meatless dishes. So I was excited to have lunch with my cousins at The Veggie Grill, which serves plant-based American comfort food. Their menu includes cozy dishes like mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, crab cakes, fried chicken and carrot cake.

veggie grill savory kale caesar
Since it was a hot day, we all ordered salads. They came out piled high, and we marveled at how meat-like the fake meat looked. I ordered the Savory Kale Caesar with grilled chickin’, veggie Parmesan and—my favorite—crispy tempeh bacon. The kale was nice and tender and the tempeh was a fun substitute for bacon (which I eat way too much of). 

Nathalie ordered their popular All Hail Kale salad which was light and refreshing.

veggie grill spicy buffalo wings
My favorite thing was the spicy Buffalo wings. I even liked them more than actual chicken wings! It’d be fun to bring them to a party to see if anyone noticed they weren’t real meat. 
the veggie grill in santana row

It took some convincing to get Nathalie and Denise excited about going vegan for a lunch (ha!), but in the end, everyone agreed they’d come back again.

Have you tried The Veggie Grill? If so, what’d you think? What’s the most exciting vegan dish you’ve ever had?    

Last modified: January 10, 2019