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Lumberjack Party


lumberjack snacks
lumberjack ladies and baby
i'm plaid you came sign
When it comes to parties, I love ones with a good theme. Case in point: my friend’s surprise lumberjack party this weekend! 
plaid party
lumberjack party
Everyone wore their finest trappings. 
And then we had a wood-chopping contest! Just kidding. But we really should have, so we could have made a great big fire because it’s been so cold lately. 
My beard came in nicely, except I kept getting honey mustard pretzel crumbs in it. 
s'more cake
s'mores cake
Our friend Ali made this amazing gigantic s’more cake.
All the clever signs were painted by our friend Andrew. It was so fun! I wish every day could be a theme party.

Last modified: January 10, 2019