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gold french press
Over a year ago, after much deliberation, I ended a torrid relationship with my French press. What started as part of a slow, lovely morning ritual involving hand-ground coffee soon became the bane of my existence. I wanted coffee ASAP, without having to spend ten minutes grinding coffee and washing out yesterday’s grinds from the press. So, I bought a Nespresso U and the French press romance came to an end. But a few weeks ago, Alan brought home a bag of our friend Jesse’s Smallbatch coffee. Then he pulled out the hand grinder. Followed by the French press travel mug. And before you knew it, there we were, back to where we started. Some on-and-off-again relationships will never end. I have to admit, though, the press does make a mean cup of coffee. And our new gold French press is just too pretty not to use. 🙂

Last modified: January 10, 2019