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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


pretty tabletop
One wedding detail I’ve known for a long time is that I wanted my sister Sophie to be my maid of honor and my cousins Nathalie and Denise to be my bridesmaids. They make me feel warm and gushy inside and have small, nimble fingers perfect for wedding crafting (ha, just kidding on that last part! :P) I found the best whimsical way to pop the question and was so excited to see them unwrap their surprises this weekend.

unwrapping a box

Both Denise and Sophie thought I was bringing over homemade cookies. (And I’m secretly glad that’s the street rep I’ve got: spreader of baked joy and happiness. It could be worse.)

thepartyposse balloon message

But instead of chocolate chips, they each unwrapped a balloon!

pop a balloon to reveal a secret message
Attached to the end of the string were the words “Pop Me!” with a gold safety pin attached.
will you be my bridesmaid
POP! Silver stars and a secret message were hidden inside. (Funny story: When Nathalie popped hers, we ooh’d at the mini confetti shower while her dog Rex took that as an opportunity to scarf down the note.) 
will you be my bridesmaid
pink peony

I delivered each box with a pink peony as a nod to the wedding theme. I love the idea of a lush garden party—and nothing says luscious like great big peonies.

It was so fun to give these! They make asking anything so much better (just imagine: how could your boss say no to your next raise amidst a flurry of silver confetti!), and I’d highly recommend them.

You can find these balloons in a box at ThePartyPosse.

Last modified: January 10, 2019