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Random Acts of Kindness Really Do Happen!


eggfree ice cream sandwiches

The other night, a group of girlfriends and I were hanging out when someone had the brilliant idea that we should go out for ice cream. A gaggle of us descended upon the ice cream shop and were taking forever deciding what to order, when a guy came in a few minutes after us. We let him go first, and he was in and out. Ten ice cream orders later, the cashier surprised us when she said the guy we let go first had already paid for us. How sweet is that?

It reminded me that even small acts of kindness can be really encouraging (who knows what kind of day someone is having — your random act of kindness could be just the thing to turn it around!) It’s like when you’re at the store buying one thing and the person in front of you in the checkout line lets you go first. It’s such a simple gesture that makes me so happy!

(Photo via The Cake Blog)

Last modified: January 10, 2019