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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Working Out Every Day


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After a long exercise hiatus, I wanted to get back into shape (and look like a beach babe), but a million excuses kept getting in the way. The biggest one was that I was just too busy. Then, I read something on Tone It Up, and it felt like a light bulb going off…

Exercising for 30 minutes is just 2% of your day. 2% – that’s it! What can’t we do, no matter how challenging, for such a tiny sliver of our day? I think about this whenever I want to hit snooze and find it really motivating.

I’ve also found the best way for me to squeeze in workouts is to do them first thing in the morning in my…wait for it…living room. People always laugh when I tell them (I think everyone secretly pictures Cindy Crawford videos from the ’80s), but I’ve found that if I have to get up, get decently presentable to face the front desk staff, pack my gym bag, pack a breakfast, drive to the gym, park and then work out, I just won’t go. (Are you exhausted after reading all that? I know, me too.)

Now I roll out of bed, pull on some shorts, turn on Apple TV and I’m all set. If you’re interested, here are some of my favorite YouTube workout videos that are living-room-friendly…

*This Zumba routine is my go-to when I know I have to work out but don’t want to. It’s so fun that time flies by, and their Welsh(?) accents are so cute.

*FitnessBlender makes really great HIIT cardio routines. The HIIT Like A Girl workouts kick my butt.

*And finally, ToneItUp has tons of toning videos for abs, arms, legs – you name it.

Since I started this, I’ve worked out 5-6 times a week for the past six weeks. According to these researchers, it takes 66 days, on average, to form a new habit, so it looks like I just have 3.5 more weeks to go 😉

What do you think? Do you exercise regularly or want to start? Any other fitness tips?

Last modified: January 10, 2019