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Small Space Organizer: Baker’s Rack


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In between our kitchen sink and our stove, there’s a small nook that gives me grief. It’s not spacious enough to be all that useful but just big enough to have become an unsightly storage area. (There’s even a door in that corner which makes it even more awkward!)
I always figured we’d move out before I’d have to do anything about it, but after living here for nearly four years, it was time to come up with a better solution. So, inspired by my sister Sophie, we got a baker’s rack

to help organize everything. They’re so functional with shelves, counter space and extra hanging hooks. Plus they just look beautiful, don’t you think?

Baker’s racks come in all sizes, but this little one fit in our small space perfectly – we can even open the door still, woohoo! I loaded it up with our plates, bowls, glasses, various jars and containers and pots and pans. And even though I use the bottom rack for some storage (not pictured), the kitchen looks so much better.

p.s. This is the rack Sophie has which is 8″ taller than mine and is a really nice height.

Last modified: January 10, 2019