Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kate-Spade-Themed Bridal Shower

diy photo backdrop
kate spade wedding
bridal shower ideas
What's colorful and quirky with touches of gold? A Kate-Spade-themed party! My bridesmaids threw me the prettiest bridal shower that I can't wait to share. I insisted that everything be a surprise so it was exciting to finally see all the details and discover the theme. Here's some more prettiness from the day...

kate spade bridal shower
My sister Sophie sent out Paperless Post invites. So cute!

summer party ideas
The bright pops of pink and bold black and white stripes were spot on with the theme. Sophie also found a gold frame with zebras on it at Home Goods to display one of my engagement pictures. (Zebras are randomly woven throughout our wedding decor :)

kate spade themed party
The mimosa bar was a big hit. The glasses had mini glittery clothespins and name tags on them so guests could keep track of their drinks. And instead of using ice, guests dropped frozen berries into their glasses to keep their drinks cool and festive.

summer party themes
Framed tabletop signs added a whimsical touch.

donut cake
The donut display was a fun alternative to a cake. I loved the little toppers!

candy bar
The candy bar had a variety of my favorite sweets, including white chocolate M&Ms, sour worms and peach rings, for guests to snack on and take home.

It was so fun seeing everyone dressed up!

macaron trinket box
For favors, each guest took home a macaron trinket box. I plan to stash six Skittles in mine (or a pair of earrings.)

diy party decorations
The photo backdrop was one of my favorite things. My cousin Denise cut out an X and O from cardboard, covered them in small tissue pieces to give them texture and hung them up using ribbon. Everyone had fun taking pictures in front of it. I'd highly recommend having a photo backdrop (even if it's a simple one) for your next party!
 mini champagne bottles
One thing I didn't expect was how awkward opening presents would be. It sounds fantastic, but in reality, in a room full of people, you're the only person opening gifts--gifts that you signed up for and asked people to get you--while everyone sits around you watching intently. But my friend Lindsey says that weddings are one of the few times this happens in life, so enjoy it!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped plan such a special day for me!

Gold fringe curtain: Amazon
Mini champagne bottles: BevMo!
Donut chalkboard sign: amira143
Welcome sign: Justabirdprintables
Gold foil letter balloons: StudioMucci
Giant confetti balloon with tassel: PomJoyFun
Pink and black polka dot balloons: Party City
Table runners: BatesonsBoutique
Donut toppers: SEVENTHandJ
Glitter clothespins: Target
Macaron trinket boxes: Pretty Chic Bridal


Denise said...

It was so fun to plan with the other bridesmaids! Glad you liked it. We had you in mind every step of the way! Can't wait for the big day!

Briel said...

You have a great sister and friends! Your party looks so fun and I love the theme. :)

Amira Shades of Gray said...

Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous shower!! Your friends did an amazing job - I LOVE the gold glitter garland backdrop with the confetti balloon! I wanted to know if I could use your photo in my Etsy shop? I made the "All You Need Is Love And Maybe a Donut" sign :-)


Sobrina Tung said...

Hi Amira,

Of course! If you wouldn't mind linking back to my blog, I'd really appreciate it. Such a cute sign :)

Stacy.Nicole.G said...

Hi! LOVE your ideas. Where did you get the little picks in the donuts?? Thanks!

Sobrina Tung said...

Hi Stacy, they're from this etsy shop:


Christina Vickrey said...
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