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Colorful + Stormy Spring Wedding


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My friend Whitney got married this past spring, and her wedding was full of color and personality. From the flowers to the decor to the wedding dress she designed herself (!), Whitney planned the entire day with the help of her fiancé, friends and family. She says, “We were blessed to have many people lend a hand, and I loved the environment of community it created.” Here’s her wedding story and more pictures of her dreamy day…

How did you and Bert meet? 
Bert and I met through my brother Philip. When we met, we were both dating other people. He became friends with my family and even came over to Thanksgiving one year. We were friends for two years before any sparks flew. We started spending time together as friends outside of family gatherings and that turned into a relationship in the fall of 2011.

Where did you get married? 
I was looking high and low for a unique wedding venue that would suit my taste. After many hours of searching the web, I stumbled upon Seven Sycamores Ranch in Ivanhoe, CA, a brand new wedding venue that had only hosted 20 weddings. Two days later Bert and I drove out to the venue and it was perfect! It was the first and only venue we looked at, and I’m so glad we got married there.

On her polka-dot dress (those lime buttons!):
I designed it myself, and it was sewed by a family friend. The fabric is from Mood in Los Angeles.

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What inspired you throughout the planning process? 
Color was a huge inspiration for me! Since it was a spring wedding I wanted the décor to reflect a mood that was bright and happy.

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Did anything catch you by surprise?  
The rain! I had a vision in my mind of a perfectly sunny wedding, however it was pouring outside. I was sad about the weather at the beginning of the day, but once I saw the venue all set up and decorated I was fine.

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Did either of you cry at any point during the wedding?
We both cried during the first look, during our vows, and right after we walked down the aisle as husband and wife. After the ceremony, we went into a back room and hugged each other and cried. It was a special moment I will never forget.

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Is there anything quirky you had to have at your wedding? 
Confetti! I purchased large circle-shaped confetti in many colors from Etsy to add to the fun of the day. When we walked into the reception guests threw it. It made the venue look adorable covered in confetti and added to the fun of the photo booth for the guests as well.

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What was your favorite part of the day? 
From the moment I walked down the aisle until I went to sleep that night was my favorite! I was on cloud nine the entire wedding. Everything turned out so beautifully, and there is nothing like celebrating your love with all your friends and family in the same room.

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On being a DIY bride:
I’m thankful to have a very crafty and creative husband since we couldn’t afford to hire anybody as a coordinator. During the first two months of our engagement we set up a game plan and decided on décor. After that I hosted monthly crafting parties at my apartment and invited my girlfriends over to help me make the decorations. I also purchased a lot of décor from thrift stores, mostly the vases for the tables and vintage lace table clothes. During the months leading up to the wedding, I started separating the décor into storage bins and labeling them.

On staying organized:
I made a schedule for the day of the wedding and also a detailed plan for how I wanted everything decorated. We had a friend be the day-of coordinator just to make sure everything was happening on time. During the rehearsal, I had two friends attend so I could show them where I wanted everything set up/decorated, and a team of friends helped decorate the morning of. They did such a wonderful job! Organization and spreadsheets were key to making sure everything was on point. It was stressful at times doing everything ourselves, but in the end I felt proud of throwing the type of wedding I had always dreamed about.

Any advice for future brides? 
Don’t compare your wedding to the weddings you see on Pinterest and wedding blogs. With weddings being so popular, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to achieve the perfect wedding. Focus on what the day means for you and your future spouse. Be organized and stay on schedule for all the things you want achieve. If you find your self getting stressed, slow down and delegate to family and friends who are willing to help.

Photographer: Ellie Koleen Photography
Cake: Alison LeClair Cakes
Venue: Seven Sycamores Ranch in Ivanhoe, CA
Florist: Cathy and Lauren Crumley (friends)
Dress: Designed by the bride/fabric from Mood
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Hair: Aimee Cifranic (friend)
Make-up: Kendra Glazebook (friend)
Groom’s Suit: Macy’s
Bridesmaids dresses: Etsy, Modcloth and Macy’s


Thank you, Whitney! What a lovely day 🙂

Last modified: January 10, 2019