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Mini Living Room Makeover: New Pillows


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We’ve been using our old throw pillows for what feels like years, even though they’re sad and lumpy, and I always stuff them in a closet when people come over. So, as part of our living room face lift, I was excited to get a few new ones. One reason why it took so long to replace them is because I’m picky (like, weirdly picky) about pillow patterns and fabrics. Then I saw these velvet pillow covers at Ikea in the greatest pale pink and pool blue. I worried they’d feel too nursery-like together, but I couldn’t decide between them so I just got both and ended up liking how they look. I’d also been eyeing the white velvet pillow from Anthropologie, and it finally went on sale (woohoo!) And, in an officially unofficial study conducted by me this past weekend, results revealed that sitting on a couch with rainbow tassels boosts happiness. 🙂 

(Also from our mini living room makeover: our new rug and houseplant).

Last modified: January 10, 2019