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How to Eat a Cupcake


how to eat a cupcake
cupcake decorating

I love cupcakes because frosting and cake make me happy, but actually eating them is another story. The frosting gets all over your face, and, more importantly, there’s the inconsistent frosting to cake ratio per bite. You get a lot of frosting for the first few bites but barely any when you get to the bottom. It drives me crazy. Well, I just learned a great way to eat cupcakes that solves that problem (no fork required!) Here’s what you do…

how to eat a cupcake

 1) Unwrap

 2) Twist

 3) Sandwich


 4) Eat!

how to properly eat a cupcake

Do you eat your cupcakes this way? I’ve been showing all my friends whenever I get the chance, and they’ve all agreed—it makes all the cupcake-eating difference.

(Guava cupcakes from my friend Lauren. Tip found on Jenna Rae Cakes Instagram.)

Last modified: January 10, 2019