Friday, January 23, 2015

Seven Ways to Tell Someone They're Cute

cute valentines
You know those days when your hair is on-point and your eyebrows look perfect? But then there are those other days when your outfit feels all wrong and you have lipstick on your teeth? It made me think about how everyone could use a little extra encouragement now and again, amiright? When I saw these "you're cute" cards, I knew they'd be perfect to randomly surprise people with. (They’d be cute for Valentine's Day, too.) So I packaged them up for people and left them to be found. Below are seven different ways to get the message out to your friends and family.

easy valentine crafts
1) Wrap it up inside nesting boxes. Because opening little boxes wrapped up in ribbon and layers of pretty tissue is fun. 

cool crafts
2) Frame it. Friends can hang it up as a sweet reminder before they head out the door or set it on their desks on bad hair days. 

fun activities
3) Send it via snail mail. Don’t sign your name. Just add lots of confetti!

diy craft projects
4) Tape it to a mirror. Best done when no one’s looking. 

fun easy crafts
5) Place it in a mini mailbox. Because mini things make everything better. (Mailbox from the Target dollar bin). 

things to make
6) Replace someone’s bookmark. Punch a hole in the corner, thread ribbon through and slip it inside the pages of a book. (I did this for Alan; he was pleasantly surprised :)

fun projects
7) Clip it to a computer screen. Write “This is very important” on the back to get your friend’s heart racing just a bit. 


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