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Wedding Week: A Few Surprises


For the final wedding week post, I wanted to share a few things about our big day that surprised me. 

The first thing that surprised me was how calm I was that morning. Even when we started running behind schedule while my bridesmaids and I were getting our hair and makeup done, I didn’t break a sweat (which says a lot coming from someone who sweats liberally all day, every day). People kept commenting on how calm I was, and I kept waiting for my big freak-out moment to happen, but it never did. Butterflies kicked in instead 🙂
wedding kiss
As the wedding date grew close, I started worrying about all the attention I was about to get. The idea that we would be the center of attention the entire time really twisted me up inside. But then the wedding day arrived. I got my hair and makeup done, I put on my big white dress and I felt like a movie star. Everyone was so sweet and doting the entire day. By the end of the night I thought, I could really get used to this, ha!
coral and peach bouquet
jenny yoo dress

Lastly, everyone always talks about how they’re on cloud nine after their wedding. I liked the sound of that but always thought it was an exaggeration. But after we got home from the wedding, I could hardly sleep a wink. I think I was more amped up that night than I was the night before the wedding. We left for our honeymoon the following day and that entire week I was elated. I’ve never felt such pure happiness before. I remember spending that week just trying to soak it all in.

Well, that’s the end of wedding week! Thank you so much for following along—I had so much fun reliving our big day.

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Last modified: January 10, 2019