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Wedding Week: The Reception + Shenanigans


reception necklace
Right after the ceremony, we took a bunch of family photos and then I slipped away for an outfit update. Since our wedding wasn’t very long and I loved my dress so much, I opted not to change into a reception dress and just changed necklaces instead. This bright peach one matched our decor so perfectly!
The only part of the wedding Alan had strong feelings about was the food we served. Since we’ve been burned by dry chicken and over-cooked steaks at weddings before, we decided to serve something foolproof: tacos! (Using a non-traditional caterer was also really affordable.) We had Taqueria Cazadores cater, and they grilled everything fresh on the spot. After dinner, they brought out surprise churros for everyone! Hiring them was one of the best decisions we made. People still talk about the food!
During dinner, my sister Sophie and Alan’s best man Joe gave speeches. Sophie talked about how I’m a tiger sister, and Joe told a story about their friendship back in elementary school. 

Then we cut our cake. I don’t remember what it tasted like—having 100 people stare at you as you cut into a cake is strangely nerve-wracking.
During the bouquet toss, I had to throw it twice because I kept tossing it about a foot behind myself (honestly, sometimes I don’t know my own strength.) The second time, my friend Olivia caught it…
…and a week later, she was engaged! The superstition is true!

The dance party at the end of the night was one of my favorite things. Everyone let loose, and our friend Andrew got everyone to join him in dancing to “Thriller.”

I did my famous move: the back-your-car-out-of-a-tricky-parking-spot one. 
confetti picture
confetti pictures
I got these confetti push-pops so we could pop confetti (and take cool confetti pictures). We briefly snuck away from the dance party and returned a few moments later with confetti all over us. 

It was such a fun night!

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Last modified: January 10, 2019