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Before There Was Cancer: A Year in Review


So here we are at the end of July, more than halfway through this year, and I realized that I have no idea where these 7 months have gone. I actually have no idea. I think back on it and as I spin through my Rolodex of memories, all the days seem sort of the same. They seem to be all marked by Alan’s fight with cancer in one way or another, but other than that, nothing really stands out. This year has not at all been like 2008, which was a much more fun year all around.

In 2008:

  • I got hit by a car
  • I lived with the abrasive, suburban Beavis and Butthead in Walnut Creek (whom I found on Craig’s List (beware Craig’s List browsers!) and who could not explain to me why we each paid $100 per month for utilities and yet could not turn the heat up past 62 degrees in the winter)
  • I got fired from my advertising agency job for creating this online portfolio (which didn’t even get me an interview for the job I had made it for)

But, but. In 2008:

  • Denise and Justin (also lovingly referred to as DJ or Deej, after the great DJ Tanner of Full House fame) got married
  • Irene moved to the Bay Area
  • I ran my first 10k (Wharf to Wharf)
  • I found crumpets in London
  • I went on my first cruise
  • I moved from Walnut Creek to San Jose (from one suburbia to the next; sometimes I don’t know how I can stand all this adventure!)

Lately, Alan and I have been nostalgic to our stomachs, just reveling in 2008. And I have to remind him that better days are so soon upon us. And until then, I promised him a few pictures recapping my favorite moments of 2008, the year we never stepped foot in a hospital and never thought twice about our colons.

Gone on a picnic at Villa Montalvo.

Right when you drive up, there is a big sign “No picnicking.” Good thing we can picnic in stealth.

Admiring columns.

Passing afternoons watching Bilbo…

…being all droopy and handsome.

Learning how to take pictures with twig tripods.

Admiring rocks.

Fearing rocks.

Enjoying ocean views.

Watching trees grow.

Training for Wharf to Wharf on beaches and sitting on warm, soft, cushioning sand.

Watching the entrance of fall.

Enjoying Alan’s gourmet, artistic rendition of the Toaster Strudel.

Eyeing pastries at Tartine’s when we grew tired of Toaster Strudels.

Melting on hot rocks.

Dressing up.

Getting even fancier.

Enjoying a slice of pizza.

Ushering in the season of singing and listening to Christmas carols all day, every day.

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