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How to Make a Birthday Cake Bunting


Sometimes having your cake and eating it too just isn’t enough. When your cake calls for a bit more pizazz, might I suggest a cake bunting? I’ve been infatuated with buntings lately, and when I saw Paula’s pretty birthday cake bunting, it inspired me to make my own. Even though Alan calls them “cake finish lines,” I think they are so adorable.

To make your own, you will need:

-wooden skewers
-a variety of paper or fabric
-needle and thread
-snippets of ribbon and lace

Let’s get crafty!:
1) Decide on some sort of color scheme. Really simple one-color buntings can lend a modern look to your cake, while colorful ones look more playful. (Some ideas: all white or all yellow with a ribbon bow garnish at the top of each skewer.)
2) Cut out enough paper or fabric triangles for the desired length of your bunting.
3) Sew the flags together. A simple stitch (the only kind I really know, actually) will do.
4) Sew each end flag to a wooden skewer by looping around the skewer a few times with your needle and thread.
5) Create a few extra, complementary stand-alone flags out of bits of fabric and ribbon.

I keep all sorts of bits of ribbon and string and have a serious habit of recycling gift wrapping. It’s nice to know that my hoarding ways actually pay off when it comes to crafting–the paper flags were made from gift bags and the lace was from a shopping bag tag.

Now I just need a cake to stick these into 😉

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Have a happy weekend!

Last modified: January 10, 2019