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Birthday Box (Happy Birthday, Sophie!)


My little sister Sophie turns 20 today! This year, instead of getting her one big gift, I thought it’d be fun to send her an entire box full of little gifts. I designed “birthday box” stickers and printed them out on mailing labels which I used to help cover up the markings of an old box. I filled it up with things I thought she’d like: a stress ball to squeeze while writing her 11-page research paper, cupcake mix and unique cupcake liners, birthday candles for making wishes with, her favorite candies, a birthday sign, and a pretty piece of birthday bling. I also included a stack of handwritten notes for a homemade touch — who doesn’t love getting handwritten notes? (I even get excited when I see a handwritten post-it note on my desk at work).

{I used this template to trace the envelope shapes on pretty paper and wrote my notes directly on the inside.}

{For the bow tie, I used paper tape, a tiny hole punch, and a bit of baker’s twine.}

{birthday box surprise!}

{birthday box stickers with a splash of zebra–for the birthday girl who loves animal prints}

Last modified: January 10, 2019