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Bridal Shower Tea Party


Today I wanted to share some of the photos from my friend Lexi’s bridal shower. Since I was busy playing photographer, I got to sit back and observe, and I realized just how much bridal showers are like the grown up version of little girls’ birthday parties. The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was the pretty favor table. Whereas we used to take home stickers and Lisa Frank pencils, now we take home bags of delicate teas and sweets.

After lunch, we had a tea tasting. My favorites were the strawberry tea and the grapefruit flavored tea.

Lexi’s mom and my cousin Denise brought the cutest selection of tea pots, and I made up little signs so everyone would know what they were tasting.

After lunch, we started playing games. Lexi’s mom had a table full of prizes to give away! (This was always one of my favorite parts of birthday parties growing up.)

Lexi was voted “Best Smile” in high school. Isn’t she so pretty?

One of the cutest games involved having Lexi guess how her fiance Nelson would answer a series of questions on her behalf. So, for example, before the party, Nelson answered questions like “What is Lexi’s favorite article of clothing in her closet?” and Lexi would have to guess how he answered. The best part was that her best friend videotaped all his responses so we got to see what he said. (p.s. Nelson has total Richard Gere eyes!)

After games came presents. And boy, were there a lot of presents.

Interestingly, my cousin Denise leaned over while the 78th present was being opened and confided that she’d felt really uncomfortable opening her million presents in front of everyone during her own shower. And she is not one to be shy! If you’ve had a shower (or a party where you had a zillion gifts to open) did you feel the same way? I’ve never thought about how I’d feel, but maybe I would get a little embarrassed…

…or maybe I’ll just have a blast. Lexi looks thrilled!

After all the excitement of games and presents (and tissue paper and ribbon collecting for the rehearsal dinner bouquet–traditions are so funny sometimes) we ended the day with everyone’s favorite banana cupcakes from Icing on the Cake. Note to self: always end on a sweet note!

Last modified: January 10, 2019