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Denise’s Bow-Themed Surprise Party!


This weekend was my cousin Denise’s surprise birthday party! My cousins and I have been secretly planning and crafting for it for the past few months, and it was so fun to surprise her with it all. It was bow-themed, which meant…

 …everyone wore bows!

We set up a cake buffet table with jars of candy and a big happy birthday banner.

For guests that didn’t come already wearing bows, we made lots of extras for people to wear in their hair or clipped to their shirts.

 Our centerpieces were cans we spray painted one of Denise’s favorite colors: Tiffany blue.

The cakes were amazing. My friend Ali made them, and they were a huge hit. I love the bow-covered cake she created just for our party.

One last fun party detail: right before the festivities began, but before she knew what we had up our sleeves, we gave Denise a bow-themed outfit to change into. She arrived at the party wearing this sparkly bow dress that was just perfect on her.

Here’s a picture of our cousins, boyfriends, and friend Sean — at one point we all worked together at the same company!

Last modified: January 10, 2019