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Friday Picnic in Calero Park


Last Friday was unseasonably warm—76 degrees!—and since Alan and I both had the day off, we went on a long hike and had a picnic to celebrate his new job! I finally got to use this lunch bag a friend gave me  which cleverly converts into a tablecloth for impromptu outdoor dining (and it makes packing everything back up when you’re done super easy). We packed olives, hot coppa, bread, cheeses, blueberry scones for dessert, and a big bottle of water. I got Alan hooked on MT TAM cheese which I think is the best picnic cheese ever. It’s so creamy and buttery and really satisfying after an afternoon of walking up and down lots of hills. 
p.s. This was our first time hiking in Calero Park. It was so pretty!  
{can you see the horses at the very top of the hill?}

Last modified: January 10, 2019