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Mad-Men Themed Birthday Party!


This weekend my cousin Nathalie threw her boyfriend Scott a surprise Mad Men-themed birthday party complete with a fully-stocked bar and tons of “cigarettes.”
{Happy birthday, Scott!}
{Candy “cigarettes.” Did your parents get you these as a kid? Mine got me the gum kind when we’d go to the beach and I’d “inhale” and pretend to be a cool smoker. Funny that I’ve never smoked a real cigarette!}
{One of Scott’s artsy friends drew this vintage Lucky Strike ad}
{Classic cocktail recipes printed out at the bar were a fun way to get people talking and to encourage them to shake up a new concoction}
{with our fancy cocktails, we practiced being suave}
{Nathalie mixed up a special drink for me made with 1 part alcohol, 10 parts sugary drink mix because I can’t drink to save my life — thanks, Nat!}
{and I drank exactly 1/5 of it before feeling woozy}
{My friend Ali made the cakes. They were incredible! I especially love the party hat and the encircling city skyline.}
{For fun, Nat asked her to make a zombie cake because Scott also likes zombies. This would be such a fun cake for Halloween, no? Although it looked scary, inside was the most delicious butter cake.}
{The favors were these “after party” kits that included a mini chocolate liquor bottle, Advil, and a matchbox with one of my favorite Sterling Cooper quotes}

Last modified: January 10, 2019