Monday, March 25, 2013

Simple Dinner Party

alphabet cookie place cards
On Saturday, we had our good friends Stacy and Robbie over for dinner. I always get a little frazzled having people over in our small apartment (Where will we all sit? Will it get too hot?), but it turned out to be a a lot of fun. To make our guests feel special—and to give them a little something to nibble on—I tied up cloth napkins with an alphabet cookie in their first initial (you can find them at Trader Joe's).

french vinaigrette
I made this French vinaigrette which is my current favorite dressing (especially over arugula and parmesan shavings)! 

cheese and berry plate
While we were getting settled, we had cheese, crackers and berries and talked about our days. And for dinner, I made a new pasta dish which turned out to be so-so (note to self: don't try new recipes when you're having people over!)

mission city creamery
After dinner, we walked across the street to try the homemade ice cream at Mission City Creamery. Alan and I each ordered a scoop, but Robbie and Stacy both ordered milkshakes—wild things!

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