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Happy Moment #8: French Movie Night


french movie night: priceless the movie
trader joe's macarons

Last night, I came home with one thing on my mind: I wanted to veg. We just got one of these jumbo bean bags which is both ridiculous in how it swallows up our living room and how comfortable it is—the perfect place for my mission. I crawled in, put on Priceless and ate some French macarons for dessert. Have you seen Priceless? It’s my favorite French movie. Audrey Tatou is gorgeous in it, and the male lead is heartbreakingly sweet. Their adventures are set in the dreamiest parts of Europe. I also picked up the macarons from Trader Joe’s, and I’m now obsessed. They’re so much better than the ones they used to carry. These ones are even made in France!

Last modified: January 10, 2019