Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tip for Transporting Giant 36" Balloons

giant 36" balloon
giant blush balloon
When I brought this balloon into Party City to get filled with helium for our engagement photos, the girl behind the counter was less than impressed.

"Do you know how big this balloon is?" she said coolly, as if I couldn't possibly know.

(Um, I bought it. I'm pretty sure I would know.)

"Pretty big," I said with a grin.

""Cause some people think they know. But they don't know," she said with a head roll. "They can't even fit it in their car."

"Oh, pfft," I laughed, determined to prove her wrong. "It'll fit."

Fast forward five minutes later and...

 ...there was no way it was going to fit! Ha!

how to transport giant balloons
 I tried it from every angle and through every door.

In a last ditch effort, Sophie held onto the string while the balloon floated outside and I drove home very slowly. It was going fantastically until the string broke and the balloon floated away. It was sad but also really hilarious. In fact, if you're ever feeling down, you should definitely go fill a 3' balloon ASAP and just walk around with it. I promise it will lift your spirits right up.

So if you're using giant balloons anytime soon, here's a tip: Listen to the girl behind the counter and make sure it'll fit in your car! My friend PJ, who is an event planning mastermind, loads her giant balloons into a Honda Element—the double doors that open up are perfect.


Sue said...

Hahaha, I wanted to have balloons in our engagement shoot but I might have to think of something else...

Sobrina Tung said...

you should use them! i think they're so cute. alternatively, you could buy those helium tanks at party city and fill up the balloons once you're on site for the pictures. then you won't have to try and squeeze them into your car :P

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