Monday, September 9, 2013

My First Ever Surprise Party

scalloped theme party
Have you ever had a surprise party? This weekend, I had my first! My sister Sophie and my mom picked me up and told me to keep my eyes closed. After we parked, they held my hands and guided me out of the car. Walking with my eyes closed felt so strange and exciting; I started feeling a little giddy. When I I opened my eyes, we were at the Rose Garden, and I was surprised to see my friends and family gathered around. It was so sweet!  

scalloped backdrop
party decor
I loved all the thoughtful little details, especially the theme: peach and scalloped edges. There was a scalloped backdrop and a table with snacks and sweets to munch on.

pretty table set up
There was even a ceramic English bulldog! (Alan and I have wanted a real one for so long). We drank peach iced tea (another one of my favorites) out of vintage-y milk bottles and peach striped straws. (To my surprise, the bottles were re-purposed frappuccino bottles).

pretty cake decorations
The cake was the prettiest one I've ever had! It had gold leaves, and Sophie added tall gold candles—so chic! I felt bad cutting into it, but it was my favorite banana cake, so getting to eat it made it okay.

babies wearing bowties
 Some guests got all fancy, just for me, which I appreciated :)

making a wish
Sophie, thank you so much for everything and to everyone who helped make it all happen. I felt so special and had the best birthday!


Rachel said...

How wonderful!

Denise said...

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Briel said...

What great friends and family! I've never had a surprise party but I've always wanted one. haha

My parents did surprise me once though. A few years ago I was spending the day of my birthday at Disneyland and California Adventure with my sister and my friend Valerie. All morning Valerie tried to get me to hurry up and get ready to go and get to the parks but I was taking my sweet time. Eventually we made it there and went on some rides. When we got off one of the rides at CA Adventure my parents were waiting there along with one of my sister's friends. They had driven from NorCal to spend my bday weekend with me. It was a great surprise and I cried. :)

Sobrina Tung said...

briel, that is so sweet (and so cute you cried!) i love your parents.

Anonymous said...

wow I miss your beautiful Birthday party,
Andrew Kim tung

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