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Foodie Gift Idea: Pizza Tour


pizza tour gift idea
I was trying to think of a thoughtful Christmas gift for my food-loving friend, when I came up with a fun idea: a pizza tour! Since he loves pizza, I picked up gift cards for three pizzerias in his neighborhood that would be fun to try. One is for Pizz’a Chicago, Chicago-style deep dish pizza, the second is for Amici’s, thin-crust East Coast pizza, and the third is for Pizza Bocca Lupo, Neapolitan-style pizza. (Fun fact: I interviewed the Pizza Bocca Lupo owner when he first opened up shop!) 

fun ways to give gift cards
A fun way to gift a food tour is to package all the gift cards in a single box. Stencil or paint the name of the tour on top. Then tape a piece of string to the inside of the gift box lid and tape the gift cards and notes (think insider tips like “get the breadsticks!”) along the string.
how to give gift cards
As the box opens, the notes and gift cards get pulled out one at a time. 
creative gift packaging
You could make all kinds of tours to match your friends’ tastes. Coffee tours, cupcake tours and burger tours are just a few more delicious ones that come to mind. It’d be a great way to explore new restaurants, don’t you think? I love the idea of gifting friends with an experience they can look forward to over multiple occasions 🙂 
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Last modified: January 10, 2019