Tuesday, December 3, 2013

'Tis The Season For...

rifle paper holiday cards
...sending Christmas cards, wrapping presents...

dolce vita gold heeled dollie pumps
...and dancing in gold-heeled shoes.

I'm so excited it's officially the Christmas season! In my mind, it doesn't start until the day after Thanksgiving (yes, I'm talking to you, neighbors who put your Christmas tree up the day after Halloween ;). What are you looking forward to most this holiday?


katie said...

Ahhh I'm totally one of those people who runs to their Christmas playlist on their Ipod the day after Halloween!! And I refer to those people who are day-after-Thanksgiving types as "you people"!! Looks like I'm one of those neighbors ;)

Personally, I love shopping for others and (most of all) WRAPPING!! I try something new every year. This year I printed out gift tags from Pinterest. I love them!

That necklace in your first photo is so pretty!! Where is it from?

Sobrina Tung said...

hi katie, it's okay, my sister is a day after halloweener too, haha!

I love shopping for others too -- such a good one to be excited about :)

The necklace is by J.crew, BUT I've learned that if you search for "j.crew inspired" jewelry on etsy, you can find the same exact pieces for way less. So it's by j.crew but from a chinese etsy shop. Hope that helps!

Dirty D said...

I'm looking forward to wearing my shiny brocade dresses and tops and not feel like I'm blending in with the hotel curtains for once! haha!

Seriously, I love family gatherings and eating together!