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Mystery Package


mystery box
The other day, something exciting happened. It was just like any other day: I got ready for work, grabbed my bag, stepped outside… and there it was. A big white box on our doorstep. As I dragged it in, I wondered what it was. It weighed a ton! It turned out to be…

A gigantic styrofoam ice chest filled with three hundred ice packs and one case of Yoplait’s new Greek 100 yogurt. I was equal parts surprised that it was actually Yoplait yogurt (is it normal to be so paranoid about getting a bomb or an enveloped covered in weird white powder in the mail?) and tickled since this was the first time a brand has ever asked to send me something. The yogurt itself was really good with a nice flavor and pleasant texture; minus points, however, for containing artificial sweeteners which I usually try to avoid.

Anyway, what a fun morning. I might just go around leaving big unmarked boxes and ice chests for friends all the time now just to share the excitement. 
Thanks for the yogurt, Yoplait! 
(Sorry for the fuzzy iPhone pics–I couldn’t wait for real camera pics to open the box!)
yoplait greek 100

Last modified: January 10, 2019