Monday, August 18, 2014

The Funny Thing About Self Timers

funny photos
Using the self-timer on my camera for group shots always makes me laugh. No matter how perfectly you think you've angled the camera, this inevitably happens: 

1) Everyone thinks the frame is much smaller than it is, so everyone squishes to one side...

photography humor
2) To even things out, people try to spread apart... But everyone just ends up squished to the other side.

funny group pictures
3) By this time, everyone's thinking We got this. (Half of the group ends up as a floating mouth.)

self timer
4) Finally, just as everyone's starting to think I really need to strengthen my quads, someone else takes matters into their own hands, does a slow series of holding the camera, looking through the viewfinder, looking above the viewfinder, then looking through the viewfinder again, and places the camera down just so for a perfectly-centered picture. (Thanks, Emily!)


Dirty D said...

Hahaha! I totally understand! The worst is trying to time group jumping pictures with the timer

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