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The Funny Thing About Self Timers


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Using the self-timer on my camera for group shots always makes me laugh. No matter how perfectly you think you’ve angled the camera, this inevitably happens: 
1) Everyone thinks the frame is much smaller than it is, so everyone squishes to one side…
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2) To even things out, people try to spread apart… But everyone just ends up squished to the other side.
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3) By this time, everyone’s thinking We got this. (Half of the group ends up as a floating mouth.)

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4) Finally, just as everyone’s starting to think I really need to strengthen my quads, someone else takes matters into their own hands, does a slow series of holding the camera, looking through the viewfinder, looking above the viewfinder, then looking through the viewfinder again, and places the camera down just so for a perfectly-centered picture. (Thanks, Emily!)

Last modified: January 10, 2019