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Fun Baby Shower Idea


baby shower ideas
Baby shower games can get a little old (word scramble, anyone?) so my friend Grace had the brilliant idea to turn our friend Ali’s pinspiration into craft kits for her shower. Guests hung out and crafted, and Ali got new baby toys and decor to keep. It’s a win-win! Here’s how Grace did it:
1) Pick projects on Pinterest. These days, everyone has a Pinterest board for everything which makes it easy to discover what your friends are inspired by. Grace found Ali’s Pinterest board with her nursery decor ideas and picked a few pins that would make simple craft projects.
2) Shop for supplies. Get supplies for each project at your local craft store.
3) Bag it all up. Print out each pin, tape them to the outside of handle bags and fill each bag with the supplies for the specific project.
And voila! Custom craft kits 🙂 
If you need a few ideas, here are the ones Grace put together which were really fun. 
Felt Ball Mobile (inspired by this pin)

You’ll need:
Two wooden dowels
Felting wool in assorted colors
String or yarn 
Cross dowels and tie together in an X-shape. Make felt balls by bunching up felt and poking with the felt needle until it forms a ball. Thread felt balls onto a long piece of string and attach it to the dowels. (Or you can follow this tutorial.) 
Stacking House Blocks (inspired by this pin)
You’ll need:
Wooden blocks 
Paint in various colors
Paint blocks, let dry and stack! 

Colored Bulb Lights (inspired by this pin)

You’ll need:
String of bulb lights
Paint in various colors

Paint each bulb a different color and let dry.

What do you think? I thought it was such a great idea.

Last modified: January 10, 2019